In the Face of Evil

Today my website went live which is encouraging. My nephew Jeffrey Balbien is a genius and I want to thank him for creating such a beautiful website!
It is interesting to note that the journey of writing a book is first the dedication of putting words to paper (used to be paper now its computer, but paper conjures up better imagery) which in some ways is the easy part. Then comes the marketing and the push to find an audience; after all what good is a book if no one reads it? But, things are looking up. I went from 2 millionth place on Amazon to 90,000th place in one week. Wonder of wonders, that’s quite a climb, however, a long way from the top 100 (my secret goal).
Actually, even harder than getting people to read the book is getting people who have read the book to post a review on, or (my publisher). This part perplexes me, as each and every one of them manages to e-mail me or phone me as to how wonderful the book is, how well written it is, how they can’t put it down, how they cried, how it reminded them of their own immigrant families, how the imagery is beautiful, how they can’t believe that I wrote it. Don’t get me wrong I love hearing from everyone. This is especially important for a new author, who suffers from a lack of confidence and; who in some ways can’t quite believe herself that she has accomplished this.
One thing I have discovered for certain is that you have to be tireless in promoting yourself and your art. No one is going to do it for you (unless of course you are a big time successful author with a big time agency behind you). Which I am not, yet!
More than anything I would like to just start the next book and get on with it. Writing is addictive and right now I am going through withdrawals. Nonetheless, this is not the right time to write, but it is the right time to promote “In the Face of Evil”, stay the course, and find that all important audience…

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6 Responses to In the Face of Evil

  1. Barbara says:

    I just finished your book on the account of your mother’s life and all I can say is she is one special lady! With all she went through to come through and survive is a testament to her amazing spirit.
    thank you for writing it.


  2. Tema Merback says:

    Thank you Barbara for your kind words and taking the time to express them to me. Dina is amazing and still thrives. Her positive attitude and joy for life is inspiring. For her the cup is never half full, every day is a gift where she gives thanks. If you can please post your comments to or they would be very much appreciated. I wish you well.

    • Barbara says:

      I already posted my comments on Amazon. I am so glad I happned upon your book. I am glad your mother continues to thrive and take joy in life.

  3. Tema Merback says:

    Thank you!

    • Barbara says:

      Just wanted to post once more to let you know that your book touched me so deeply that I created memorials on Find A Grave for your family. I hope that is okay. I did not post their pictures as that is against the rules as I did not take them and would need your permission. However, if you feel you do not want their memorials in with the many holocaust victims there please let me know and I will remove them.

      As always


  4. Tema Merback says:

    Thank you Barbara! I have no problem with your having created memorial grave sites for Dina’s family. I am sure she will be delighted and I will let her know.

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