A Solution to a Problem that Threatens the United States

The greatest threat to the security of the United States and the world is the destabilization of the Middle East and the rise of a nuclear Iran. My solutions are as follows:

1. Defund the United Nations and throw them out of the United Sates. The UN is a cesspool of influence peddlers, overtly dedicated to the interests of the Muslim world. Let them  disseminate their destructive influence elsewhere. Without US funding or support, the UN will crumble and can be replaced by a more constructive organism.

2. Open the floodgates for the US to begin exporting oil. The US possesses the largest reserves of high-quality light oil in the world. The world’s refineries prefer light oil over the heavy oil that comes from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Canada. The shale revolution has made possible almost limitless supplies of high-quality light oil that can be produced from the greatest nation on earth, the US. We need to become self-sufficient and not import any foreign oil. Currently, we import over  9 million barrels a day, which is ridiculous and self-destructive. It will require several years to convert heavy oil refineries to light oil production. This can be accomplished by granting tax credits for refinery conversion. In fact, this would actually lower the price of gas in this country as light oil is less expensive to refine. How can we allow Iran to export unlimited supplies of oil and deny US producers export rights?

3. No deal with Iran unless they come to the table with reasonable concessions, including, full, unhampered inspections of their nuclear facilities. They must stop supporting worldwide terrorism, and they must stop their proliferation of ballistic missiles. They must also recognize Israel’s right to exist, and reverse their policies and pronouncements for the destruction of the US and Israel.

4. No funding, money, or charity to the Middle East, particularly the Palestinians until the Mullahs and the Imams stop teaching and preaching anti-Semitism/Israel  and anti-American hatred and recognize the sovereignty of the State of Israel as a Jewish State.

5. Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and recognize Israel’s right to exist by every Arab nation, signed, sealed, and delivered. Once this is done, all of it, we can recognize, help establish and support a two-state solution.

6. In lieu of a two-state solution, if not possible, then as originally defined by the UN, the West Bank would become part of Jordan which has a very large Palestinian population, and Gaza would become part of Egypt, both are basically Sunni Muslim countries and compatible.

7.  I now I give you a small taste from my upcoming book Once is Not Enough, by my pseudonym Belle Ami, that is to be released in 2015. It addresses a practice and simple solution that would reduce emissions of Co2 in our environment. The practice is called no-till farming, and it is amazing that no one seems to address really practical ways to solve the environmental problems we face.

“With an estimated increase in world populations over the next thirty years to exceed two billion people, the demand to feed those people will create an insatiable need for arable land. That need will also lead to dramatic increases in environmental destruction and pollution. The most successful and feasible answer to this problem is conservation tillage and soil management. By improving the soil quality, we reduce soil erosion. Over the last forty years, we have lost nearly one-third of all arable land due to erosion. Crop yields from soil eroded land tend to deliver nearly ten percent less production. As for pollution, water runoff from agriculture is the most serious contaminant of our waterways, not only destroying aquatic habitats, but contaminated water increases the need for water treatment and dredging. There is also significant scientific evidence that traditional farm practices of soil tillage contributes significantly to global warming. When the soil is tilled it oxidizes releasing greenhouse gasses greater than no-tilled soil. Not to mention the impact of  CO2 emitted from fuel usage by tractors and farm equipment. It is estimated that conservation tillage, if implemented worldwide, could reduce fuel use by forty to fifty percent. Improved farming techniques also result in improved land management and biodiversity, inviting diverse species to thrive.       

      “It is shocking to consider that even in Europe, conservation tillage and sustainable farm practices are not being utilized even as I speak. Conservation tillage provides real solutions to the need for increased food production without destroying the eco-system, or the environment. It lessens our dependence on fossil fuels and reduces our consumption of natural resources. Most important, it saves future generations from inheriting a barren landscape.”        

     Miles paused for effect. “This is a goal that is reachable. We have the technology, what we need is the implementation, and the will to change. Farmers in developing nations need to be convinced that sustainability is profitable. The Penguin Trust has the ability to partner up with NGO’s, governments, and companies, whose focus is on conservation and environmental sustainability. This is where our investment in the future must lie.”

And that, my friends, is how to address and solve problems.

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