Hatred on YouTube

Recently I was sent a link to a YouTube video that was most vile and disturbing, it was entitled:  “Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid”.  It was a thirty minute tour-de-force in Holocaust denial.  Someone had clearly done a thorough job in creating revisionist history.  The result was a well researched, highly professional and polished video (narrated by a scholarly, trustworthy sounding British voice) that presented some compelling (although false) arguments and information as to the impossibility and exaggeration of the Holocaust.  I will not repeat any of the arguments purported in this film as I would only be giving them more credence.  I will only say that my blood boiled when I watched it.  Even more disturbing than the lies perpetrated within the film were the responding comments, hundreds of them, that were congratulatory, a verbal pat-on-the-back to the demon creator.  The comments reflected each commenter’s eagerness to accept and believe the evil persuasion of the film.  I probably should have ignored the rabid vitriol that these hate-mongers advocated, how they basked with pleasure in their anti-Semitism, but I could not.  I felt compelled to answer, to defend the victims, to debunk the lies, to accuse these faceless haters of being ignorant and incendiary.  So, I responded in kind to their comments and went to sleep.  Little did I know that I would ignite a firestorm of activity, like flies drawn to an open wound or maggots attacking the dead these gleeful Jew haters felt compelled to respond and tried to bait me by attacking the incontrovertible testimony of my OWN MOTHER (if you are reading this blog, by now you know that I have written a historical novel based on my mother’s survival of the Holocaust).   At first I was frightened, I felt exposed to a murderous population that might seek me out in order to destroy me.  Then, of course, I realized that my responses and identity were anonymous.  I went forth into the arena prepared for battle with these minions of Satan.   I would not back down until I had slain my adversaries with words and facts.  It seemed like it would be relatively easy to refute these, for the most part, ignorant individuals whose knowledge of 20th Century history and World War II was minimal at best.  However, regardless of my solidly built arguments exposing the myths of the film, and my dramatic presentation of my own mother’s ordeal (Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen), memories and loss (family and friends); I was unable to persuade or dissuade, what could only be considered, the cancerous growth that was firmly rooted and growing within these bigots.

Inexplicably, within a few days the replies from the monsters ceased as quickly as they had begun and I returned to the normalcy of my life.  I didn’t give a thought to any of it until a week or two passed and I decided to write a blog about this disturbing occurrence.  I returned to the YouTube site and was notified that the video had been removed.  Not because of inflammatory content, but because of some kind of copyright infringement.  In reality, I could not have been more pleased then to see this ugly content removed regardless of the reason.

The lesson I took from this cyberspace battlefield is that although I could not “change the spots on the leopard” so to speak, and probably didn’t convince a soul as to the absurdity of the film or the ugliness of believing in it.  Still, I stood up for what was morally right and I was not cowered by the cruel provocative taunts that were hurled at me through cyberspace.  Beware; those who espouse hatred and would revise history to accommodate your beliefs, some of us will never back down.  We will fight you wherever you assemble.

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3 Responses to Hatred on YouTube

  1. Vergie says:

    It will be difficult to find informed individuals about this issue, however you seem like you know what you are referring to! Regards

  2. Tema says:

    It is always difficult to respond to hatred. Time is on the side of those that would revise history. It is easy to fit the facts to ones own agenda. Especially, when the passage of time dims memory and empirical evidence. Then, it becomes the duty of those that would preserve the truth to stay informed and defend.

  3. Patrick Sean Lee says:

    It is astonishingly sad. Defies reason. I sat with someone I loved one evening many years ago and was “informed” that the series of photos of the unspeakably horrid camps taken by the Allies were fake. “A Zionist plot to hoodwink the world.” This person was highly educated, I might add. I left that house and have never returned.

    I read “In the Face of Evil”, a remarkable book on so many levels. Once again I was reminded that the Final Solution was not merely an historic anomaly; there exists a deep hatred of Jews worldwide, and that includes right here in our own country. Basic humanity is not enough to prevent its rise again. Whenever, wherever we see it poke its ugly head out of hell, we must use every weapon at our disposal to eradicate it.

    I applaud you, Tema, for having once again written in detail one more victim’s account of those black years. It is important.

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